How can i draw?

How can i draw the front shape in a circle like the product?

I would “start” with this shape and extrude it. It would be helpful if you showed front, side, top, bottom views etc… that’s how I’d probably start based on your image Apsrt

Hey Poohbbang,
I can help:

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@Matt_the-Rathje, @Oregonerd and @poohbbang.
Here is my version of this item which I modeled a few days ago. To be fair, you need more views to understand the unique shape of this item. I found it a little challenging but fun none the less. Matt, I like your approach and I had not considered using Intersect. Anyway, here it is and hopefully others can chime in and offer ideas or a different/modified approach.



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And…if anyone is interested, here is the Shapr3D file. Enjoy!
3WaySyringe.shapr (91.4 KB)

That is definitely true! I like your approach. When I look at the additional pictures I am pretty sure, that starting with a revolve-feature ist the right way - you can clearly see the marks of the lathe-chisel on the part. They first turned a bulb-shaped body on the lathe and flattened the faces for the pocket and the two buttons. The sides got some contour on the mill too.

I think this is as close as I can get, without holding the part in my hands.

RevolvedSyringe.shapr (17.6 KB)
Cheers Matt