Door parts

New user. Really enjoying the information in the forum community and the tutorial videos. In preparation for the upcoming Friday webinar on molding, doors and windows I have been working on some door parts.

I am looking for some suggestions for changing part size, and also for profiling all 4 edges of a rectangular panel. I will add some screenshots in the next message.

My first question is about changing part lengths where the end has been counterprofiled This is for cross rails for passage way (or cabinet doors).

I have created the profiled door stile, then copied it and projected the counter profile across both ends. This creates a cross rail with coped ends that fit into the profiled section75ACD258-01BE-4584-A6FF-D5777D580036 55D4E833-F2EF-4B06-8039-DDAB2E900B54 6B7D50A6-E2AB-4217-BD6E-B62FD9FD8B3B

I’m asking for advice on how to change the length of the part with the coped ends. Pulling the end faces distorts the joint as the bevel does not move with the flat faces.

Is there a way to change the length dimensions of the part, so as to push/pull all the surfaces of the coped end?


LOL!! I guess talking out loud to yourself ( or reading your own post on a forum) does help. Looking at my previous post it occurred to me how to change the coped rail length.

Highlight all the coped surfaces and use transform/move. Not sure why I couldn’t think that through in the last 2 hours. Hope this helps others. CDA6760E-15AF-4A6F-9DA0-2D817FBBBFE9 a


Or use the replace face , to make the horisontal part between the two vertical parts…

Looking for suggestions on how to profile all 4 edges of a panel, on both faces.
I can get 2 edges profiled, but am having problems with the other 2. Projecting the profile onto the already milled edge does not seem to work.

I may be using the wrong work flow. I also tried to use offsets on the faces, but could not get a beveled field. 5CB3CAAF-DC6E-4368-8B64-35753D086585 A59FEBFB-A01C-4165-BF7C-BC4D8BA6275D 4FDBA4E2-340F-4985-9345-E2F1E13F40BC

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