Issues with modeling a simple picture frame

Can anyone kindly help a newcomer to Shapr3D how to design a picture frame and in particular the design approach how to have 4 frame sides each with 45-degree cut ends. I can’t find a way how to precisely size the length of each part given the angled ends… is there any specific tool or methodology for that? Eric

Hi @Eric14, welcome to the forum!

Can you please update some sketches of the frame you are going to make? If you could highlight the questioned areas on the pictures, that would be really helpful

Hi KPeter, do you mean I can attach a file with the model through the topics discussion? If so, how?

I think I see what you want. The attached image should demonstrate the steps I used for 1 way to do it. There are others I can think of. There may e better ways I haven’t thought of,


Excuse my quick and dirty frame profile. You can simple copy and rotate that for 3 more sides.
Chopping them at specific lengths would be relatively easy too. Even to make octagonal or more complex frames.

Disclaimer: I am only half awake, sipping my first coffee. So if I missed your objective… I’ll be better on the second cup. :slight_smile:

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You could also sketch the profile of the molding then extrude it to the length needed and rotate an end surface to 45 degrees. After that use mirror and union to complete the frame.
In the linked video, I wanted to make a 9 x 12 inch frame. I sketched the profile of the molding and then extruded it to 6.5 inches (half the length of the shorter side plus 2 inches.) The molding profile is 2 inches larger than the picture and the extra length is needed to accommodate the miter. Using the move/rotate tool, I rotated the end to 45 degrees. Next, I mirrored that piece across the mitered end and extended the second piece an inch and a half to make it 8 inches long. After that I used mirror and union to complete the frame. The finished frame will fit a 9 x12 inch picture.

Picture Frame video

Or easier way , draw a rectangle , move your cross section to the corner , rotate 90 degree as before suggested,

And use the sweep tool😎


Very nice and super easy.
I can always find the most difficult way to do something.

Are there 45 degree end cuts on 4 pieces? Or is it one body?

It is one piece sweeped body.
Would be nice a tool… cut by plane.

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JST and Oregonerd, thank you very for your input, both work well and solve the deadlock I was in. Have a great weekend! Eric

Jpulaski, thank you very much too!

I’d like to contribute here. As you can see there are many ways to create shapes as shown by the examples above. I’m a fan of what @JST did using the Sweep tool, which is quite powerful in its own right. Here I show that the sketched shape does not need to be on the line(s) where you want to do the sweep. Also note that afterwards it is easy to create miters by removing a section, then recreate the frame, move it on top of the original frame and use Intersect to make one leg. This is one way to do it.



Couldn’t figure out how to phrase it.

Cut by plane is perfect.