Drag to Trim

Hi! The trim tool is rather tedious when you have to trim hundreds of things. I would love the ability to drag the cursor over the lines I want to trim!

Here is an example of a sketch that’s a pain. Each “corner” requires 8 precise clicks, and there are 44 corners, for a total of 352 clicks.

An additional pain point is that clicking just off the line you want to trim will exit the trim tool. If drag-to-trim were possible, it would be much easier to actually hit the intended target, and in the case where the target was still missed, since the cursor was dragged and not just pressed, it could be assumed that the user intended to perform a trim operation, and the tool would not have to be closed.

I found this thread from a while ago where another user shares this pain point, but I wanted to post this in Feature Requests so it can be officially considered. Trimming/snip tool

Sharp3D’s value for me is in rapid sketching and modeling, and I believe this feature could turn 30-60 minutes of work into 2 or 3 minutes. My own dev senses suggest you have all the capabilities to composite this feature, so it MAY be an improvement with a high-impact-to-effort ratio.

Thank you for having this forum and considering user ideas!

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Assuming you’re going to extrude this, might it be possible to extrude a rectangle to make a subtraction ? If you put all the Diamond extrusions in a folder, select the folder, then subtract the rectangle extrusion?

This looks like a pattern, perhaps the pattern tool could be utilized too?

The rotated squares don’t make it easy, it may help if you rotate the sketch 45°, or whatever angle you’re working with, then rotate it back after the operation-

Here is another approach which might help to reduce those tedious steps…

Of course, a ‘drag to trim’ tool would certainly be a great addition to the toolbox! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oooh that’s clever! I need to think outside the box with Shapr3d! Coming from Fusion, where effort spent on the sketch pays dividends, in this app sketches are really just transitive objects…


ps. I agree I’d still love the drag-to-trim feature :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, I think @welshsteve captured the gist of it in his video below.

And a general note to you and Steve, I hesitate to mark these as answers only because I still think the idea has merit and don’t want to suggest that the pain point, specifically with the trim tool, is “solved”.



I certainly wouldn’t mark my answer as solved… it’s far from solved :rofl:

I get frustrated too at the lack of some fundamental features but actually enjoy finding ‘hacks’ to get around those shortcomings.

Shapr3D in general is a joy to work with and I’m always looking forward to what it has in store for us.

It’s like Christmas morning every time I see an update. For me, it seems like some gifts are from an elderly aunt while others are from Santa himself :wink :laughing:


+1 to the drag to trim feature. This would be especially helpful on the iPad where I’m constantly clicking back onto the trim tool when I miss a line. Drawing through lines would be so much more efficient.

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