New feature

I like the new feature :+1:t2:image


New features are great. Am using 3.4.3. Not obvious how to get this type of display. How to? Please.

Only for left handed people? LOL



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Actually it is an old feature that they took away in December 2017, if you remember…
When you sketch something on a surface and then extruding it, a tiny small button appears next to the value (something like that)

Now I only waiting for that they should have common sense and bring back the extruded line function…:wink:

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I heard somewhere that left handed are smarter… :wink:

Can you give me an example where extruding a line would be useful?

Well, for example if you want to split an object and still want to keep all parts without losing materials, or use it to cut of things,like the screw in the video at 3:20 min. there he’s drawing 4 lines instead of 1.
Create quick objects etc…
See more in the link that I posted earlier. Where I brought it up the first time :+1:t2:

A very useful alternative,
Probably why it’s still there in fusion 360

So you would sacrifice dragging sketches as a whole? :slight_smile:

Nope, why don’t use the press function of the pencil!?

Because it would not be consistent with the sketch filling extrude/face offset method. In the first version (1.0) of the app the extruding was pressure based. It failed hard. Also, the pressure can be used for adding more useful actions in the future, but it has to be an action which doesn’t need continuous pressure usage (Note: pressure is a really hard “gesture”, most of our users are struggling to use it, so it’s still hard to create splines).
We hope that Apple will release a pencil with an action button in the future.

On second thought,

I used to use that function more than the dragging sketches, You can still move the sketches in the transform menus, so yes I would sacrifice dragging sketches!

Or are there a possibility to double tap on a line for some options?

What do you mean?

I mean as an new feature where you can have some choices

I’m curious about the choices you want to have there

How about

  • extrude line

  • Move/rotate line

  • Copy/past line

  • construction axis

  • Construction plane

  • Offset options

  • Mirror plane

And some other features that I miss, that I think you can solve with the press pencil function.
Press the pencil on the line we’re you want some options, and there comes up a sort of menu there you can choose to:

  • Add point

  • Remove point

  • Split line

  • Merge lines (make two or several lines into one)

  • Straighten line (remove all points between the endpoints)

When you make a loft, revolve or sweep It is rather annoying with this lines that appears where the lines are split in the sketch,
Which you can solve with a merge line function

Or when you discover that it is to few points on the line that you have struggled with for a while

Merge Line, that is remove all points between end points, would be helpful. These internal points seem to interfere with getting dimensions and are a pain. My 2 centavos…



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Thank you guys!

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You mean some kinds of Straighten line function? :slightly_smiling_face: