Draw a shape a certain dimension

If someone wants to draw a ring (picture like a large wedding band) that is 10cm in diameter… how/where are the parameters to do so. I am not able to find the measurement/dimension aspect of this.

A ring is simple enough, but if I want it to be a specific size, how can I set that?

You can also direct edit on the 3D model after extruding your basic sketches

I would recomend just going through all their tutorials on their site.
Constrains is also something you should learn to master :slight_smile:

He says he’s having trouble with a 3D image, not a 2D… is that possible?

There’s more than one way to do this. My approach might be a simple oval 5cm from the axis (center) and revolve it around the appropriate axis.

You can draw specific length lines for giudes


Draw a 5cm line from the axis and lock it. Draw and adjust the oval at the end of the line and revolve it.