Drawing a circle > Moving drawn circle

I have an issue with the concept of Edit sketches.

I simply want to draw a circle then position it. Previously I would draw and close a circle then drag its position to where I want it. This worked great, I could adjust it quickly if I wanted.

Now when I try to move it I can only move the anchor points. Even by double tapping into the sketch editor the anchor points still move.

Why remove such a basic and intuitive function? Hopefully this is another bug

Not sure I understand this one. Did you take a look at constraints? It is an extremely powerful way to edit sketches. Tap on the (i) button next to the edit sketches title to watch the short tutorial.

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Why should I have to set a constraint? Move and resize is the only two functions you need on a circle right? What else would you want to do with a circle?

There are many things you might do with a circle in a complex sketch (other than just moving and adding the size of it). For example:

  • make multiple circles concentric
  • lock the middle
  • make it tangent to a line or arc and so on.

But if you create a circle and set the radius to a certain value you can still move the circle just like before.

  • draw a circle
  • select the circle (outside line)
  • tap on the value label
  • set it to exact value
  • hit ok (you’ll see a small lock icon appear)
  • and you can move the circle by dragging the two points just like before
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Yeh I get the point there’s advanced manipulations but for the most part the basics are enough for me so more steps I find frustrating. It’s the changing the way I’ve been using the tool that’s annoying. I use this tool allot, so to re-train is a big ask