How do you move a circle?

That’s it, how do you move a circle? Super easy/intuitive in uMake, still cannot figure it out in shapr3d.

By dragging it’s center.

I finally figured it out but it’s more complicated than “dragging it’s center”. You have to first click the center constraint to activate it and see the unlocked padlock appear, then click and hold to drag it (with the Apple Pencil). If you just tap/drag on the middle you will draw a line and not move the circle which is what was what I didn’t understand.

This is how you drag everything in Shapr3D. It makes sense to go over the onboarding again if you missed this part, you can access it in the education menu (top left). Also we have lots of tutorials here:

We have tons of tutorials just about sketching - shaper’s sketching functionality is fairly advanced, and there are lots of (more or less) hidden features that you could learn from these tutorials.

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thanks for the info.

Is the video here incorrect:
edit sketches

It states that to move a circle you can tap the circle’s outline and drag but this does not move the circle, it will resize it. The video also shows the person tapping the middle constraint and dragging it which resizes the circle. So, I appreciate there are a lot of videos but they appear to be out of date? I am on whatever the latest version is in the iOS store.

The video is obsolete, this behavior has been changed recently.

Hi - sorry about this.

we recently changed our sketching engine, snapping engine and there are some changes in our timeline. We will update the videos around October - when all sketching related interactions will be covered in our Beginner’s course.

i’m glad i just found this thread. i thought i was going crazy. i was getting extremely frustrated and almost gave up on Shapr3d.

Has this been updated, as it doesn’t appear to be. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is when a beginner video is of no use for the simplest of tasks?

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Hi Gordon,

we will update all videos the 3rd week of January - we are waiting for one more development. Sorry about this. We have made a note under the video, so there aren’t any confusions

You can move circles by grabbing their center point.

Thanks Daniel,

I’d hate to guess how many trial users you’ve lost for lack of a simple update.


And you can only move it if it’s an integer? And you have to tap arround at that, to bring up the move center point and radius edit box?

I can’t get a circle to drag from the center. It only works after the “move it” widget pops up and you move the pencil to that and then drag.

Hi Steve, yes we are experimenting with different versions of the app. Currently we have a version with a help arrow - in this case just drag the square.

Hi Gordon,

not just. You can drag without any tool, but if you do precise relocation you can use the Translate tool. Updating videos is quite hard with a fast moving product - we will be finishing the Sketching updates soon and then we will make the update. Sorry about the experience, we try to make the learning curve as smooth as possible. You can always as here, or any of our support channels.

Guys, thanks. Practice, practice, practice… makes perfect… well, at least better.