Move a circle's center point onto the tip of a line

I am attempting to create a triangle with 3 different sides, 65", 62" and 69". To do this I have created a line of 69". Then I made a circle of 62" radius and another with a circle of 65" radius. I then tried to move thecenter point of each circle to the exact endpoints of the 69" line. My idea was to then connect the endpoints of the line to the intersection of the two circles. This would give me a triangle of exact proportions. However I cannot move the circle’s center point perfectly onto the end of the line so I am stuck.
Question 1: How can I move a circles center to the end of a line.
Question 2: How can I connect the end of a line to the intersection point of two circles?
Or is there an easier way of making the triangle in the first place?

I just did what you said; worked.


I just clicked on the center of the circle to move it. And drew a line…

Your questions are very basic so I suggest that you watch all the tutorials for a better understanding.



Here an easy way to do as you like…
If you pick a point ( end of the line, center of cirkle) after drag and hold to move them where you like. If you find a line or part of the sketch will pop up what these are.

Your answer was excellent. The problem, it appears, is that the tutorials are not current. No longer can you just click on the end of a line or center of a line, circle etc and move it. Instead clicking on the end of a line. for example, brings up an “up arrow” and a “right arrow” amd a clear white box. All you have to do to move a figure is click inside the white box and move it. If you want to move it up only or to the side then you can use the the arrows. Thank you.

I agree that JST’s solution is better but I wanted to show your solution.

I suggest that you draw a line and experiment until desired actions become second nature. Then do this with circles. And you will have won 95% of the battle!

For example if you first select a line and then an end or center point, you can drag the whole line around. If you just select an end point, you can drag it to rotate the line about the opposite point. Now lock and unlock various points and see the effect.

You can learn a lot by experimentation with crazy simple stuff…



Are you using the transform tool?
For scecthing not neccesary, if you lock the all line can’t pull , if you lock the length in the popup window you can pull the full line, if you nothing lock you can move the end of the line. With the transform tool you can cpoy the scethes( recomended to lock the shape before it) or the bodys.
I read somwere in the forum at january will comes the new tutorials.