Drawing a screw


How can I draw a screw?


See the below topic, as Gabor has created a video on this in the past. Hope this helps some.



Unfortunately, this method is not valid anymore, as the sweep tool works differently. The video shows an old version of the app.

The 3.0 version will have a feature that will be able to solve this, as we know how important this is.

The 3.0 version comes out this Fall


I could solve it. I had a litle problem and it is not absolutely precise but is enogh by the moment. I will try when I have the new version. Thanks.


Well version 3 is out I guess; so how is it done???


This is one way to do it:

But we will implement a simple solution for this where you will have a quite the freedom to control different variables of the thread. Unfortunately, it won’t be included in 3.0, later versions will have it.