Screw threads


I need to create some screw threads, matching male & female. These need to be functional - i.e. work when I physically print them.

I’m new to Shapr3D and have 3.0.4. I searched for tutorials but can’t find anything definitive, certainly not about v3. Apologies if I missed something.

I am thinking that I could perhaps create a triangle (simulating a cutting tool on a lathe) and sweep that along a path defined as a helix to create the thread. Is this a best practice technique or am I approaching this task in the wrong way? Any suggestions on how to create a thread on a machine bolt?

Many thanks.


Hi- this tutorial will show you how to create a screw with the revolve tool and this support article explains in detail the Revolve tool:


Many thanks Daniel - I just found this myself and came back to say that.

Excellent tutorial, very clear and intuitive. I need to play around a little to understand how to use this technique to create a corresponding female thread.

Thanks for your support.