Threading a screw with Draft


I already understand how to make a screw thread using the revolve tool, but I’m stumped as to how I can add a draft to the thread as it moves down along the screw leg. I’m attaching a quick drawing for reference. Any thoughts?


How do you mean by adding an sketch?! you mean you’re going to import a technical drawing or an image or something like that?! if that is the case you can easily import any images or drawings from the top left menu as shown below, set easily it’s transparency and then draw over that

If you mean the issue is how to draw over the frustum yes that’s sth not supported in a parametric and very straightforward way in Shapr3D, but with the aid of the newly added “project “ feature, you can draw 2D lines with appropriate leading angles and project them over the surface of the frusum and then use sweep tool to have the sketch on the path you created by projection tool.

Ya to your first response, I meant I was including a drawing in my post on here for reference, nothing to do with importing a sketch in my project file.

As to you second response, yes I think you’re answering my question that a) there is no direct method or feature tool to do this easily, but that b) there is a new project feature that can help. Thanks I’ll check it out.

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Wish you best of luck

For doing such task, I don’t either know any other CAD app to do it in a very straightforward manner, except Freeform Plus with the aid of haptic device, or FreeCad with the aid of importing a macro. All have their own issues.

I do, but it’s a desktop app…


Yes, there are as said, FreeCad and Freeform plus, I can’t remember if CATIA or Solidworks would do that easy, it’s been a long time since my working with them. What are yours?!



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Solidworks can do that thing quite easily. In shapr3d this kind of feature still not available.

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image hi drakermann i tried something on shapr3d to get your required shape.

I draw multiple thread shapes and loft them. These are not accurate but can give you idea how to do that.image image

You’re making it much complicated by loft! Why don’t you use the new project tool and sweep?! It’s very easy. I design stents with this valuable feature.

Are you using pro version of shapr3d? I think project feature is not available in free version.

Yes mine is pro

It is available in the free version.

Hi Istvan, i looked for project tool but i didn’t find. Can you direct me to this.

okay then it will be version variation. How will it be update?

Oh yes app store. Got update from there.

Hi everybody.
Im totally new in Sharp 3d. Im just trying to draw a thread in a simple cilinder but I cant draw it in the curved surface. I saw a 2016 video in these forums that looks so easy but I simply can draw the line.
Please help