Drawing Limitation Issues

I am creating an air cleaner and created the image of the filter and housing and each time I go into the drawing I can’t change anything, i tried to upload the document and its 130mb so I included a Dropbox link. Air Cleaner 2 download

Hi @Jwhittaker , what exactly can’t you change?

Note: the body that makes up the “mesh” of your filter is made up of very complex geometry. I tried to add that body to the drawing and it crashed the app.

I would suggest hiding the “mesh” and just modeling a basic cylinder or similar to represent the wire mesh, unless you need the actual wire mesh model shown for manufacturing purposes (additive manufacturing).

You could annotate a generic body in the drawing as being the wire mesh. Again, just a suggestion.

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Thank you, I was trying to create a realistic representation of the filter, didn’t realize the limitation of the program. I guess 25,900 triangles in a total of 48 1/2” rings was too much.

I was able to open and edit on my Macbook pro M1 Max 64GB ram.
Maybe it is a resource issue.

That mesh is crazy complex!

Were you able to make a dimensioned drawing from the mesh pattern?