The screen/worked on disappears immediately


Could you upload and share the workspace, or if confidential, send it to

It would also help to know your exact device model you are using.

From just the look of it, it looks like with the big model and additional modification, you reach the memory limit of the device, which crashes the app. We are working on decreasing the chance of this, but there is always a limit what a device can handle in the end.

How can I email a file by uploading and sharing?

Your answer is correct. The problem with the current shapr 3D program is that it cannot solve a lot of repetitive lines and shapes. So the loading time is long and the screen is turned off. After all, Shapr 3D developers will have to solve this big problem first and foremost.

You can export the .shapr file, and use something like your iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive or other cloud services to generate a direct link.

We are working on improving this, but there always will be a limit. New hardware are pushing these limits further and further away, but never eliminating it.

A question:
How would you like the software to behave in your case? Should it block your interaction, saying something like “Memory limit reached”, so you won’t crash, but also cannot edit anymore?

The exported file size is over 100mb, so it cannot be sent by e-mail.

Then please upload it to one of the cloud services, they can generate a direct link to the file, which you can send in mail.

I am drawn to the freshness of the Shapr 3D app and use the architectural building exterior as a design.
The beauty of the Shapr 3D app is that the simple drawings are very smooth and the colors of the objects are very soft.
However, the Shapr 3D program has a very big problem. If this is not resolved in a short period of time, the inconvenience to each other will increase.
Soon, the inability to address the capacity of the sketch and body and thus the screen shutting down due to slow loading and program crashes means there is no longer any reason to use the Shapr 3D app.
please. Let’s overcome these problems and solve them for the development of Shapr 3D company and users and a happy and bright future.

We are always working on improvements, and will continue to do so, rest assured. This is not an easy challenged to tackle, but it’s already being worked on.

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