Drawings in Shapr3d

any way to align views after they are put on a drawing and any way of make a iso view shaded on drawing.

I do this by carefully selecting views when created and moved to keep them in line together, but I also wish there was a way to snap them together if wanted.

Same with dimensions.

I dont think there is a way to shade an iso view in affinity. but if you are looking for another program that would work in conjunction with Shapr3D on the iPad, you could do it quickly in Affinity Designer (which is available both on the iPad and on a Mac/PC)

I use a combination of the two programs when making drawings. Take it as far as I can in Shapr, then move to Affinity. Someone else on this forum also recommended the Concepts App, if you are looking for another iPad compatible program. Neither are really meant for technical drawings/this type of work, but they perform the function well enough