Viewing 2d drawing

Can I view 2d drawings in Shapr 3d like Autocad?

Not yet, but we are working on it, it’s coming soon :slight_smile:


I am really excited about the new update!!

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I am also waiting for this feature. I have read that you are working on the issue since at least 2 years. As I need to get started invest by tomorrow, which route do you suggest to get a 2D drawing at hand with all standard views including dimensioning? In other words, I cannot spend hell of a lot of money for a professional CAD system. I’d rather find a way, to export a shapr3d-graphics to another app (on the iPad?) and convert it. If something like this does not exist, yet, I could also install a CAD package that will do the job for small money, until you guys have released the new feature that is desperately been waited for by many users I believe.
Would be much appreciated to get a kind of a recipe for this intermediate work around. I am enthusiastic to get started with shapr3d realizing one or the other idea in real life. Thanks in advance for your help!

Actually, you can view 2D drawings, please check:

Hi Laci,
thanks for your fast response. Nice’n’clear.
Yet, I am eager to learn about the opposite way: shapr 3d → CAD, which enables me to convert the 3D shapr-model into a standard 2D drawing with different views and dimensioning as described in my initial question earlier today.
Which low-cost - or possibly free - package or even App dor my IPad Pro do you suggest or usually work with?

Basically, I only want to create a pdf of the different 2D views of the model to check whether my construction is valid. If something doesn‘t fit, make the changes in shapr3d and trying again…

Thanks for your assitance,

Hi Michael!

As far as we know, there is no app on iPad which does this. On desktop, there are many solutions, most desktop apps are able to do what you are looking for, so you can export your design in a supported format from Shapr3D, and import it to your chosen app.

All I can say, if you can wait, check back in a month, we might have something for you by that time :wink:



…that‘s great support to get response so fast - thanks again.
I will definitely check your upcoming solution. That would be simply my favorite way…!

Anyway, in the meantine, what should I do? Please drop a hint towards a reasonable (Price and ease of use) CAD package to download.