Drawings notes and dims control arrows need updating

Hi, this one’s part feature request, part bug/issue.

Please add sticky controls to the arrow end of the note or dimension so that it can either be moved along the line instead of being tied to the middle, or allow it to be picked up and moved to a different line altogether. I have just updated a drawing, and all the arrows moved from their position in the centre of the line to one of the end points of that line. Without being able to move the arrows, I have to delete, reselect the line, and re-type the entire note, if there is already a way to move these back again, or to any other part of the line, then I would love to know it as it doesn’t appear to exist.

Thank you, hope this helps.



Thanks for raising this. Currently the arrow of a note is tied automatically to the line and cannot be modified manually. We will consider your request when improving the note and dimension tools.


It would be good to be able to move the arrow to the middle of an area as well, rather than always being stuck to a line/edge.