User interface improvement request

Often, when a line is selected, the arrow and the dimension overlap each other and I have to zoom in to get separation to be able to select the dimension to change it.

Is it possible to add some UI logic that will separate these 2 UI items more so this isn’t necessary?

Hi, you can actually drag the dimension label further away and then locked it in as shown below:
I hope this helps.

Thanks for that. However if you draw a vertical or horizontal line, then select it, the dimension and the arrow are on top of each other. It would be better IMO if there was some SW logic to automatically separate the dimension from the move/strech arrow so zooming in isn’t needed. If my explanation isn’t clear, I can upload a short video but I’m not sure how to do that here as yet.

Do you mean this situation?
It happens when you have an unfortunate combination of zoom levels and grid sizes. Totally understand your frustration. We have this in our backlog, we will address it in the future.


Exactly that!! Thanks, nice to know it’s on the list to address!!