Drawings questions

Ok a few things about drawing I can’t figure out.

  1. why I can’t move the scale text away from drawing.

  2. Why I can’t move the details view leader text(B).

3 . Why when I change the scale on one drawing view
the others don’t change to the current view. I have to change individual view.

Thank you


Yes, these are not possible yet to do, but as Drawings is a high priority this year you can expect having these issues resolved in the coming months. What I can share is, that currently we are working on projected views, which will connect your views together, so the scaling question will be resolved. After that we plan to look into general note improvements and that will help with the other questions.

Until these are out, you can try setting the scale globally using the Properties sidebar:

I hope these updates come soon because the alignment to projection views and being able to regenerate or update you existing views to updates done to a design as it progresses is very important. As it is now recreating the views over when new bodies are added is not a very good workflow.

Thank you

I agree, also you should able to have hole call out, like the thread size / type , counter bore and counter sink holes. This gets very frustrating when you have a lot holes with different features.

Also how do I get the isometric view shaded like the attached photo.

if you want a shaded view of you design on your drawing you will have to take a snapshot of the design on the visualization mode and add it as a picture to your drawing.

Ok thanks , that seems like a work around. I thought it was a setting.