Dxf export problems

Hi there everyone.
I’m currently drawing in a flat plane for sending to plasma cutter
But not all of the info is translating on the import
Can anyone help explain someone did come back and say i needed to put the drawing on an xy plane before exporting it. But
1 why is this nesasary
2 how do i do that to get predictable results every time
If there is a way that someone could share a video showing me what i need to do what this problem happens. I would be great full
As it seems kind of crazy to draw in s3d and then have to re draw again in AutoCAD
Attached are 2 pics
One of the file from s3d
And the other what is received by auto cad
We usecamduct

Here is another file that when opened in s3d looks perfect when all items selected for export to dxf half the geometry is missing in the dxf file.
Please please can someone help me find a sure fire way of selecting the items that need to be exported. And possibly even an explainer video so that i know exactly what to do
Someone kindly suggested that if i rotated the whole thing to a different plane that it exported fine but i need a process for that and a reason to understand when and why i need to do that I draw 2 d in a single plane so cant understand why I’m having issues.
Got a mountain of work to complete and cut today so any assistance would be hugely appreciated. Since no one came back to me from support desk yesterday

Thanks any help appreciated. A mountain of learning

Van swich consol above box shelf.shapr (144 KB)

Select all to highlight,rotate all

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