DXF export

Hey everyone,

I am trying to figure out how I can export my 3D model in Shapr3D into a DXF usable for a laser cutter.

when I try to export it just turns it into a drawing. I don’t have the sketch and I don’t have a drawing, I have the fully built 3D model.

is this possible?

Generally speaking, you can export sketches, of a top view, for laser cutting. I do this all the time. But this is 2D only. It’s not exporting a 3D file. I hide the 3D objects, view the sketch from the top, and the export the sketch in DXF format. You will have to rotate or project the other sides onto the top view before exporting, otherwise you’ll just see a single stack of lines. Use the Sketch option when exporting, not the Drawing option. If you need further assistance, let this forum know. Tom