Export to .obf or .dxf format? Is it / when will it be available

Need the ability to pass files over to a CAD software in either an .obj or .dxf format, or at least a recommendation on any file converter apps or web tools you can recommend.



When we have a need for it, we use: https://cadexchanger.com/ It has a free trial, and can do .obj

DXF export/import is on our roadmap, and it will come hopefully this year, early next year


I still don’t see how CADexhcanger would help exporting a sketch from Shapr3D?

You can already export from the product. That site lets you convert the format

I really would appreciate a little more info.

I do not see how CADexchanger would be accessing shap3d files that have the 3D sketch. Please expand.

Hi - In the meantime we have removed 2D/sketch export from our offerings. We had to delay DXF for now - it still has a high priority, but there were features we had to do first.

You can export 3D shapes in XT, STEP, IGES, STL

I will patiently wait for that feature and I hope it will be a full 3D DXF export of sketches. I have been looking at many programs and it seems that the only one I came up with so far is Autocad.

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You can export the files from Shapr3D, and import them into that software

Guys there is a disconnect here. I am trying to export a sketch and Shapr3D does not allow you to export it. If all my design is a sketch and contains no solids then I cannot export to ANY format. Am I missing something here?

Made it sound to me like you were trying to export something 3D.

Yes I was but it was a 3D sketch and NOT solid.

Any answer on this ? Same problem,
Advice ?

Can anyone help me explain why when i export this file to dxf it does not translate properly and i only get half the info in the exported dxf file
Its for sheet metal cutting exporting to auto cad. Cam duct
Electric outlet.shapr (132 KB)
Here is a pic i get on the other end

I rotated your drawings with 90deg to the x-y plane then export and works for me on the GNACAD (free vers)

Thanks for your help yup that worked. But don’t understand why it was nessasary
Do you know if there is a way to flatten everything to ensure its all on the same plane ?

Hi Jay, you will need to export the sketch from a view where all sides of the sketch are visible - for this drawing, you can export if from the front view.
I attached the exported DXF file, please try importing it and let me know if it works great.

electric outlet.dxf.zip (12.8 KB)

If i exported your drawing as it was on the x- z plan i get a line… may be bottom view