Edge Transformations v3.2

Thanks for this new, powerful capability. It would be great to have some use examples and insight on limitations. For example, how is the minimum determined for a scaled-down edge? At some point, I got an error message (typing in the box) that the value would not result in a valid shape (unfortunately a fleeting message).

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Hi! The limitations of the tool are unclear yet. Basically, it should work on every edge, but it can fail if the modification is too large. It is the first release of the tool after a lot of development, and we will improve it of course.

We will be releasing tutorials, edu content for the tool in the coming weeks to give you a better understanding of how and why to use the tool :slight_smile:

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After just a few minutes of work, am very impressed.

It may solve my vertex at a unique point for a polyfigure problem. I extruded two triangles, then pulled down an opposite edge, thus the vertex seems to be at same point? Can extend to additional triangles…


Think 3D!

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