Resize edges by entering dimensions (not using scale)

Is there any way to resize an edge by entering the new size? Having an extruded object, there seems to be only the possibility to use rescale by dragging or entering a percentage. This is kind of annoying as hitting the right value is very time-consuming. Just selecting an edge does not show a field to enter a new length which would be basically the same function just more precise than drag/scale.

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Try selecting the edges or faces bounding the edge. That should give you a dimension that you can change.

Unfortunately this option does not appear. I select an edge of let‘s say a cube I want to resize only the selected single edge from to generate an irregular cube but there is no way to „interact“ with that edge aside from using e.g. scale and other options from the left side menu (or transforming the whole cube at once). At the bottom of the screen it tells me the length of the selected edge, but this is no changeable value. Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot but I will only get the „size“ field in sketches, not in 3D-objects. Scale will do that, but it‘s not very exact.

Yeah, I realize now that it might only work with sketches. Can you select the vertex and move it? If so, as soon as you start to move it, you should see the distance you moved it. That value is clickable and changeable with numeric input.

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It seems vertices are not selectable at all. Only faces and edges. :slightly_frowning_face: