Transform by moving Edge

Is it possible to transform a solid by moving an edge?
If not, it’s a feature request :slight_smile:

Obsolete answer: No, it is not possible. This is a very underdefined problem with solid modeling. If you could explain what would you like to achieve with it, then I am sure we can find a solution.


Aaaaand we actually did it :slight_smile: Now you can move edges in Shapr3D!

Imagine a cube. I want to be able to move an edge of that cube and obtain a free form “irregular cube”

I understand the use-case, the problem is that “irregular cube” is really hard to define.

If you could explain what kind of shape you would like to create this way, that would help.

Sorry for my late answer. Holiday time :slight_smile:

I found my answer reading the forum:
Any feature ideas??

Have you done progresses on this?

We have some very early prototypes, but far far from being ready. Actually making this would be a huge innovation, as nobody did that before in the industry. But we do have some ideas on how to do that, but really just ideas and prototypes. But usually you can do everything without this feature.

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I am new at Shapr3d, and I am really liking it. Deforming a shape by changing the position of an edge or a vertex is a feature that is very important and useful. It hughely simplifies the work because it allows to focus the thought in the form itself, rather than in trying to imagine the way of subtractions and additions to arrive at the form. It is also a way of rapid approach research.
I hope you have advanced in this direction.


It’s my first post here.
First of all, thanks for developping this great app, there are some very fine ideas (camera actions are great, moving around the object with only one or two fingers is such a great thing, quick and intuitive ).

I ‘d like the same feature Marco said, be able to move (and I will add : to rotate and scale !) a single edge.
For a "Blender’ coming from" guy like me, it’s just such a necesity to model quickly objects.
You already did a great job, but i’d like so much to have an option “move, rotate, scale” to edit every single “face, edge or verticle”. (As in Maya/ Blender).

I Just can encourage you guys to keep improving your great app !

Greetings from France.
Sorry for my english-mistakes :slight_smile:
Best regards

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Aaaaand we actually did it :slight_smile: Now you can move edges in Shapr3D!