Edit cross section view

Hi all- is there a way to edit the plane of a section? I can create the section view through the coordinate system planes but can’t figure out how to offset it to sweep through my assembly and check for gaps and interferences.

Hello - here is a video on how you can create a section anywhere in your workspace: Section view | Engine tutorial - YouTube

In short, create planes with construction planes, or faces. Double-tap on them and turn on the section view

You can’t change the section dynamically at the moment (e.g. moving the section view with handles to move it along a body), but this is something we have on our to-do list (along with other section view improvements)


Hi Daniel, Is there an eta on this feature at all?

Sorry to disappoint, but not yet. Still on our list, but not prioritised.

When i turn on section view my whole model disappears…please help!