Live sectioning...any update on timeline?

Any update on adding the live sectioning feature? I use this daily in Sketchup, and it would be great to be able to do it on my iPad using parametric modeling.

Here is a perfect example of why I’d like it incorporated…Maker’s Muse “Fusion Overload”.



I assume you mean when you move the plane used for sectioning that the slice in the model should update in realtime? I agree, this is something that I’ve found annoying in the past–especially when you need to fine-tune a section plane’s position.

Exactly! :smiley:

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Oh gosh, I came to request this feature, saw this thread, and saw that I even posted a reply in it! :rofl: I would LOVE to have this feature, still!

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Me too and still no reply from anyone at Shapr3D.


I’ll add my old request in this post as well.

Two additions I would like to see. One being a simple section view plane we can move dynamically through one additional click under Section View. Maybe even rotate it with my fingers or my Spacemouse in my Windows version.

The other giving ability to disable view of sketches, images etcetera… That being folders, not subfolders. Completely as others have requested as well.

Please, is all I can say with that wish. :+1: