Section view

I was trying to make a mid sectional view of my model, using a plane created by Mid section option. But I am getting a sectional view along the axis, perpendicular to the plane. Attached are the screen shots. Am I doing something wrong?

Double tap first on the plane that you want as sectional view


Hi Robert,
You beat me to it. Same wording and all.
BTW, I recently upgraded to the new iPad Pro. Love it!


Nice :+1:t2:
I upgraded to the newest for a couple of months ago, I’m more than satisfied.
And I am very curious and expectant about the lidar scanner.


Thanks for the replies, I’m afraid it still isn’t working for me. I’m sure there is something I’m missing. Pics attached.

you have selected / marked the plane, you have to double tap it with your finger not the pen, then use the section view :+1:t2:

I’m wiser, thanks Robert.

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No dynamic cross section view in mind for Shapr3d?

There are a few improvements we have talked about, but not on our immediate roadmap at the moment.

  • refined UX for creating a section (e.g. based on selection)
  • visual aids (colors, edges?) to separate bodies from each other
  • dynamic section view

If you have other needs, let us know, and when we improve this feature we will also have that in mind.

Sounds good. The fact that once dimensions and constraints are visible it can really get crowded so hence my other postings here, wish I could disable/enable from/for view as found neccessary. Nice if it could be toggled on/off right side with same x mark as constraits for selective use.