EDU License

I’m only reaching out here because I feel like I’m not getting proper assistance from customer support.

I am trying to renew my EDU License but I change schools multiple times a year. I enroll through my job using Guikd. Usually I use SSO through my work email. Sometimes I get a student email. But I only attend maybe 3 to 8 months out of year then I go to another school for a different form of education. So then my email goes away. I can’t use a single student email and need to use either my personal email or my work email. I meet the requirements but I’m getting generic replies saying I need a student email. I have had the EDU license before with this same situation and there were no problems.

I love the application and I love that it is free for students but now it seems like it is only for specific students. I also don’t get a student ID since I’m online only. Just looking to get my EDU license renew.