Educational pricing

Hi guys, it’s Attila from the marketing team.

In a short time, we’ll be offering an optional registration feature to you (mainly for restoring purchases and retaining subscriptions across multiple devices). When the user account system will be implemented, we’ll finally be able to do another thing: implement our long-awaited educational pricing model.

Basically, we’d be offering all paid features to students registering from their university e-mail address (, for 1 dollar a month.

What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in having a student license? Do you know someone who would be interested?

Hello, I run a private art school for kids K-12, would this apply to me? I’m trying to decide on an iPad app to use for our upcoming 3D modeling class in the fall.

I suppose it would :slight_smile: just write an email to

We haven’t launched out education program yet, but let us discuss.

Definitely interested in educational pricing!! … or at least tiered pricing - maybe something like buying additional workspaces without all of the pro export features?

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We are working on it! Our educational pricing model will be very competitive.

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I am very interested in education pricing for my institution. Can you advise?


I am also much interested in it, but some of us dont agree with it, I dont why, but its a quite good idea. I need some points and importance of educational pricing from you.


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