Any middle school teachers using Shapr?


I am a middle school Technology Education & Engineering teacher. I have been teaching students the basics of CAD/3D modeling for about 20 years with programs such as SketchUp, Tinkercad, and Inventor. All students create a simple keychain with their name on it that we 3D print as an intro activity. I recently started experimenting with Shapr on my iPad and really like it. My students have iPads but no Pencils (yet). I am considering writing a grant to try to buy a classroom set of 25 pencils but would really like some feedback from other educators before I do so. I also have a “CAD lab” with computers (PC’s now but Macbooks next year) so the ability of going back and forth from IOS to MAC OS is really appealing. I’d appreciate any insight or experiences you may have had.

Sorry if this post isn’t in the right category. Could there be an educator category in the forum?


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Hey Andy, we have a lot of edu users. As you may know Shapr3D is free for education. @CEKuhnen has very successfully implemented Shapr3D in his university.

@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D thanks for the blip

Hi Andy,

please feel free to contact me. My email is
I teach at Wayne State where I started the iPad program - but I also have contacts to middle school teachers in Europe using Shapr.