Egg turner for egg incubator

Spending a day designing while watching tennis of AO, sharp3d fit for me than cad on pc… Only with sharp3d this design become true…:grinning:


That looks amazing, but I didn’t understand what it is?

For hatching bird or chicken, the eggs need to be turned every certain interval, such as every a hour to minimize the yolk stick to the egg shell, turning manually by hand is Okey, also by outomatic system is good choice… This design is the automatic system for turnning the eggs


EGGcelent design! :smiley:


Nice work! We expect a chick video when they hatch. How did chickens do this on their own for many centuries?



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Thank you for the information, learned something new. :innocent:

Hehehe…I will upload when they hatch with this design…anyway, They turn their eggs by their beak and shake their body to make sure the egg covered by their body…

How did you record your screen for so long yet still be within the 10mb limit to upload?

Thought this was an elaborate machine to turn eggs as they cooked in an oven or something, ha, but reading your explanation makes way more sense! Lovely model :+1:t2:

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I edit it with vn (video editor), save it with low quality ( 360p). Yeah this for hatching chicks at home…I try design something little bit different…thank you DanMax

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When using an Apple device, you share the iCloud link, rather than uploading the video. This way, only the link is uploaded, and the actual video I’d downloaded to your device only.

I’m certain there’s a way for PCs as well. Perhaps a link to DropBox or OneDrive?


Ah, I see, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: Hope the chicks do well :hatched_chick: