Viktor Schauberger generator. And his concept of bionatural energy New Time Line

A little history about this design.

Since I was little I always liked the idea of ​​inventing and creating new things.

And when I was older I met this forgotten scientist by chance on the internet, and I understood little about his history until I read one of his books called The Evolution of Energy, Viktor’s story changed my way of thinking and I began to search for more. information, videos etc.

So I chose a lot of photos and sketches that are in the public domain; and there I wanted to redesign the inventions of Viktor Sch as a way of recognition.

In the course of the redesign, improvements were added, and possible solutions were tested without complicating the design.

Some of these solutions were not the best and were discarded.

The redesign was also designed to print in a way that was fully functional, and never for business or sale, but to put the scientific method into practice, that is, to carry out tests and see if Viktor was right in his theories.

And of course none of this was possible without the help of this great Shapr3D graphic design software. And although it may not have all the tools we would like, I still consider it a pioneer in creating quick designs and solutions.

So Thanks Shapr3D .





:large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond: Final design :large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond:


Outstanding work!


Thanks , almost a week working on this.


I really love this

:+1::grinning: …………Thanks

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What took so long to doodle? :joy::joy::crazy_face:

Good job!

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Creating vortices and applying it to machines is not a simple thing.


That’s outstanding work. Getting it done in only a week is very good going.

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Thanks Stephen I appreciate it. do you know if we can make animations in our models ?

Probably not the way you’re thinking of. However, I do assembly animations by disassembling my design, turning on screen recording, and click the back icon. This essentially allows one to view an assembly automation.


Yes, that is a good solution but I hope Shapr3D will have this tool soon jjjj.
Anyway thanks :v:

By the way are you working in a cnc machine? :+1:

The animation I shared is a piece of heavy duty equipment for rolling up large rolls of artificial turf.

But I also use Shapr3D for making parts on my CNC machines.


Wao nice design I was thinking in a cnc cause the step motor :+1: .

It’s actually a 3Phase 220V gear motor, 1/4 HP and 7 rpm. The roll of turf it will rotate is 1000 lbs of material.

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This is phenomenal but how did you do something like this when you can’t go back and make an adjustment to the sketch or shape without having to re-do everything after the original change? Surely you don’t just do it manually?

Yes , I did everything piece by piece starting from the rotor , the water tank , the pipes , using the extrusion tool and correcting errors that arise while doing the design But first I had to find out how to make the spirals in shapr3d. In fact, you can look for a previous model that I also did manually.

Thanks :grinning:

Pretty heavy for sure :+1::grinning:

Sorry, I meant that you would have to iterate the design, but for example if you had to change the shape of the “star” at the top of the design then the entire top shape would have to be redrawn. Or if you wanted to make a change to the copper spirals, you’d have to completely recreate the spiral instead of making a small change and keep the rest of the spiral’s shaping steps intact.

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Yes, in fact I had to change once the shape of the pipes and also the upper turbine. but the program is very easy to use so the arrangements are also easy to do.

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that you can use, and then apply it to your model or design