Electric guitar help

I’m trying to figure out how to create an electric guitar body in Shapr3D.

I’ve watched all the tutorials and the electric guitar video, but I’m still a bit lost in the process.

Is there some way to get help learning to use Shapr3D for creating guitar bodies?

There likely is no specific Guitar tutorial, but you likely won’t need one. Guitar bodies are simple enough to start learning shapr.

Most (not all) electric guitar bodies are a shaped solid slab right? A hand drawn sketch might be useful for planning.

Make your body first. Then you can start working on cutouts for controls.
To make your body:

  1. On the View Cube in the corner, select “top” by tapping it with the pencil. The view will change to top for easier drawing.
  2. Check the scale above the View Cube of you drawing (will it be in inches. millimeters, centimeters? Up to you!). Change the scale by zooming in or out
  3. Select the “sketch” tool. That opens the drawing tools. Use the line tool and the spline tool to make the desired outline of your body.
  4. once you have a closed outline sketched, double tap the View Cube with the pencil to change to isometric (3D view).
  5. Tap in the middle of your closed sketch, it will turn blue and a double arrow will appear. Drag that arrow with the pen upward and wallah, you have your slab.

Start there and get back to us.