Guitar Layout 1

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Picking Shapr3D strums the chords of doodling with me…:crazy_face:


Fantastic :ok_hand::+1:

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Thank You very much!!!

Im a newbee…

Wanted to draw a fretboard with frets in it.
Is there a way to Open this file so That i can reproduce and learn fast how to do??

Regards Mario

Your head needs a bit of an angle downward. There is a reason for that. Otherwise fantastic job. It has to do with harmonics and vibration of the strings. Headstock and Scarf Joints Explained - Glued to Music.

While most guitars have angled heads, there are still many which doesn’t, e.g. many Fender strats, so technically it’s not wrong :slight_smile:

Hello Mario!!!

I attached the Shapr3D file for the guitar to my email response … if I recall , I looked at an image and doodled the guitar … absolutely not to scale or any type of precision dimensional proportions and if I did, It was luck only :joy::joy::joy:

Guitar 1.shapr (608 KB)

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