Electric project

I work with eletric projects. Is it possible create with shapr3D this models?


I think it will be tough creating using an Ipad. I am not sure if Mac version is able too. Are you using revit currently?

HI there,
I’m working on a similar project as we build our home.
I haven’t made it that far in the model yet but my plan is to create a midplane within each wall or ceiling/floor and make sketches of the wire path on those planes. Then sweep a body along those sketches to make the wiring. I’m planning a similar method for the plumbing.

Edit: switched loft or sweep (those get flipped in my head)

It seems alot of work but it’s possible.
I’m thinking sweep tool.

If you are making a building design or a house.
Just draw the wire housing.

Some people gets creative and try to draw the wire and how the physics effect it.

If it’s unnecessary… Don’t
It’s inefficient.