Wired machinery (can we create loose wires in Shapr?)

I’m trying to recreate the image below in Shapr - how would I go about creating the wires, without them looking like a rigid, solid geometry? but rather… loose and dangly

I tried tracing, but sketch line doesn’t bend and flow with the contour of the wires. Unless there is something you guys know about - that I’m not aware of regarding the sketch tool?

Any guidance appreciated - thanks

UPDATE: I figured out how to trace it. Kind of remind of the pen in Affinity Designer, tracing via nodes connecting.

Now my issue is, my 2D trace is not being allowed to become 3D?

My goal was to bring it into 3D, it would had most likely appeared blocky, I was going to convert it cylindrical with the revolve tool and call it a wrap - duplicate the rest.

I checked to make sure all the lines are connected (no openings) why am I not being allowed to lift it into the 3D realm? (See image below)

Yes, you superbly talented, wonderful community of bastards! I found it. The problem was a very small broken line. Once I connected it - green means go!

Hi , i think the better way tu use the loft tool.
You can move a cricle in 3D, to make some cross sections of the wire , then loft.

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Thanks, I will definitely try.

This double side of the wire tracing was indeed time consuming.

For wires in 3D I think a different tool would work better. It may not work in your project, but VR sculpting (then exporting) with Tilt Brush or Medium would be fast and easy.

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Thanks, that actually is a good idea.

What I found that worked for me quickly is the sweep tool. I’ll just bring down the scale afterwards to thin it out to wire level

Here’s one way to do what you want. Draw a spline to make a varying curve. Draw a circle at one end and rotate 90°. Use the Sweep tool to create the curved wire. I duplicated the curve and gave a double rotation to achieve the effect of a curved wire in 3D space.



Thanks @TigerMike that definitely looks A LOT more smoother and better than mine. I will always do it this way from here on forward!

Beautiful technique, thank you.