Radiant Heating Design?

Is it possible to draw a radiant heating plan similar to this in Shapr3D? I did this one in Figma and would prefer a 3D tool.

You might do that ba performing several sweep-features Tutorials - Master Sweep tool | Shapr3D , but as the bent geometry of the pipes is 2dimensional, what is your usecase in having this in 3d? The efford will be high, the profit will be low.
Cheers Matt

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Hi flavor30.
Yes the Sweep tool would be great for this as Matt suggested. Visually it might look better in 3D than a drawing, so why not give it a go and see how it turns out.

Sure, give it a go… no problem for me, bit neither the building owners, nor the guys installing the heating pipes will utilize the 3d-plan…
But please… go on and proof me wrong!

In revit these kind of elements tend to be in 3d. in this way you easily see conflicts within the total construction of a building. Shapr isn’t a bim software and doesn’t have this kind of functionality , but if you can import the 3d files of the total building from another software into shapr, or redraw the most important parts it might be functional to see if everything fits properly. I tried this ones in shapr for an airsystem, which is a bit more bulky and more likely to cause conflicts with construction.

I would use the sweep tool indeed. but I wouldn’t draw all the lines and then try to sweep everything. Instead I would first sweep all the bends that you need for your drawing and make a set next to your drawing. then put them together with the copy and align tool. If you practice a bit you can make this kind of drawing in 3d in 30 minutes I think.

At this moment the drawing feature in Shapr is not very good and changes made in your model not always show up well in your drawing , meaning you have to redraw many times, which is very time consuming. The shapr team has announced that they are working on a big upgrade that hopefully will improve the relation between your model and your drawing, so you can update your drawings even when changing your model (adding bodies , cutting bodies, merging bodies)

Thanks all! Can Shapr tell you the length of a curvy line?

Yes, it can. :slight_smile:

Select the curvy line, and look down at the bottom of the window to see parameters. This is where length, area, diameter, etc., is found.

Or enable Measurements where you can also pin them :slight_smile:

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