Embed or emboss a logo into shaper

Hey there fellow designers / makers im looking for some guidance and help? Is there any tool or process where i can upload a logo image into Shaper3D to then emboss or embed it into my part? I’m familiar with the Solidworks process from illustrator. Thanks for the help in advance.

@krazykanuckjr Currently there is not a native way of doing this. It may be possible but certainly not in an automatic way like other modeling packages.

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Hi @krazykanuckjr Welcome to the Forum.

Is this what you are looking for:


Obviously different effects will result dependent on the Body being Projected to, and relative to size and shape compared to the Logo.

Happy S3Ding.

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Im pretty sure that tool will help especially with a curved surface. will use that next time today i simply spelt out the company in sketched blocks than extruded it all. May the modelling be with you.

If it gets you moving in the right direction it is a start, if you experiment you will likely get the result you want. Hope we can look forward to seeing your Designs.