Emoji support? 🤨

it was a little bit of a surprise that in 2023 i cannot use the full utf-8 character set to name my layers and folders. while it might sound childish to use emojis in a professional grade software but it really does help to make some layers and/or folders stand out in a long list.

can you please allow us to use emojis?

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It is not childish at all – to be honest, we make very heavy use of emojis internally in all kinds of documents ourselves :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

It’s a difficult task though – as we go ahead with further developments, we plan to make item names available in more & more contexts, and in many of these emojis can be very difficult to handle. But this is something that we will consider, as we do understand the need very well :slight_smile:

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I think this is a great idea! My biggest use case would be to start the name with a distinctive emoji :crab: and then shrink the panel of items so I just see the item type (e.g. body), the emoji, and the hide/unhide icon.

Oops :grimacing: that was another feature request. My bad :disappointed:. But on my 12.9 inch iPad, there isn’t enough room to have both the items and history panels open at the same time and do much design work.

A single emoji packs a lot of information into a small area.
:+1: :bulb:, @gex :bangbang:

Imagine a parametric table of user defined values with an emoji instead of a parameter name…

:large_blue_circle: = 45 mm
:yellow_circle: = :large_blue_circle: *2
:green_circle: = :large_blue_circle: ^2 + :yellow_circle:


I don’t know much about coding, but what’s interesting is there’s a new coding language that uses emojis called Mojo :fire:

Yes, the parameter table would be the first big challenge on this road, with many more to follow. The reaction of the dev team working on this was the :eye_twitch: custom emoji when this came up on the internal Slack :slight_smile:

So I’m not saying never, but we’ll need to think a lot about whether it’s worth the investment…

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Yeah I can imagine. It’s just a wild thought.

I’ll take a parametric table with or without emojis as soon as it’s developed though. :+1:t2:

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Would a separate customizable icon not do the job without having to deal with all the consequences of having to deal with emoji’s everywhere?

Just to jump in, you can use the built in emojies on mac and IPad anywhere in the app. Just start renaming, and globe + e / fn + e will open the list of emojies, so you can select from the list:

On Windows, it’s the windows key + .


Thanks Laci_K!
Is there a keyboard shortcut to initiate Rename?

No, there is no shortcut for that unfortunately.

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Thanks, Laci_K. I had looked in the manual and poked around, but always good to have a definitive answer, I appreciate it.

this is strange, i couldn’t add any emojis to the layer/folder names when i created this topic. i use the ctrl-cmd-space shortcut (haven’t got used to the new one yet) and i tried it in stable and beta as well.

now it works, can it be a new Shapr3D version or the switch to Sonoma?

anyway, i marked it as a solution because this is what i was looking for. thank you!

We didn’t change anything related as far as I’m aware, I’m still on Ventura, and it also works on Windows.