Implement ⌘ R keyboard shortcut to rename items

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The problem that this feature will solve:

Quicker method to rename items. I would like to be able to select one item (not multiple items) and use a keyboard shortcut, like ⌘ R (is that alt-R on Windows?) to immediately be in rename mode for that item.
Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:
Much faster renaming of items. The easier it is to get at this function the more it will be used. I like to keep my items named, but looking through previous designs I made, I get lazy and do not rename everything. So there are “Body 53” type names (usually in folders so they are grouped into something meaningful). Having a shortcut would result in better discipline for me.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Not a blocker but would be quicker if implemented.

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On Windows, it would be F2, and has long been an annoyance that this is missing from Shapr3d. It feels very un-native to have to enter a context menu for such a common operation.

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