Encrypting/protecting workspaces

Hello Everyone!

I didn’t saw this topic in the community, however I think it can be an issue. The question would aim privacy/protection of work.

It can be more important in R&D where the plan shouldn’t be easily copied or taken. The location of workspaces on the disk is known, i.e. it can be copied easily and can be opened, edited on another computer.

Of course the computer can be encrypted with veracrypt or other protection solutions that prevents if someone stole the laptop and try to crack it. However I would think on additional protection. Maybe if the “workspaces” folder is protected by a password, than can it be opened by the program? Can it be a kind of solution?

Do you see any way how the workspaces folder can be encrypted or further protected?

Thank you in advance!



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If someone has physical access and admin rights to a computer, they can do pretty much anything that they want anyway. How would you see this feature improving security?