Lost work

I have been working all day on a file.
I don’t know why but the program kept crushing so I tried to delete some files I didn t need anymore. In the process the file I was working on got erased too. Is there a way to recover it? Where does shapr keeps backup files? Tell me there is a back up file folder please!?
I have an annual subscription …




No, we don’t make automatic backups unfortunately, if you deleted the workspace, then it’s gone.

I can’t believe it! You advertise it like a pro software but really… almost all 3dsoftwers have back up folders. I bought my annual subscription 1 week ago… not a good start. I ve lost 1 day of work… and also it crushed all day… not cool

Hi Anna - sorry about this experience. I saw you also wrote us on support. Please send us the files, even if they look empty (create a 3D object if necessary for export), there is a chance we can save them.

IHi Daniel,
I don’t have the file anymore… is not on the screen.

Hi Anna - I understand, but recently we had a bug like this (fix is already on the way) - and we managed to recover the 3D bodies.
Please send us the workspace in .shapr format.

The workspace is gone… is not on the designs page… is a there a folder in the iPad where the old files\workspaces are stored… or a bin with the erased workspaces. where I can recover the workspace that is gone?

Oh, I see - I’m sorry about this. Never heard anything like this before.

We don’t yet store backup files. Can we help you recreating the model?