Ergonomic Request - Quick Naming

Hey all. I wanted to throw out an idea that may make creating and managing design projects a little more fluid. A small issue that I run into pretty often is that when I open my “Designs” menu I am greeted with a page full of "Unnamed Design"s, projects that I’ve either imported or created that never got named. Over time, this leads to a mess of nameless projects that gets hard to work with quickly. I propose a fix to this - in the form of an active “Name” field within the design environment that will let users title their projects without having to back all the way out of their workflow just so they don’t forget what they were working on when they open Shapr 2 days later and try remember what a project was using only a thumbnail.

As example, I’ve included an image where I’ve highlighted what I think are the two good candidate locations for this field. For the top bar, making the project name editable with a click is both convenient and in keeping with several existing macOS design conventions. For new projects, a greyed-out “Unnamed Design” could sit in as filler text, both to give the user context and to act as a click target in the event they want to edit. If the name field were added to the side bar, it would only require a small shift in Y from the existing menu items and the name field could slot right in above.

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