Rename design during edit

It feels a bit weird not being able to set the name of the design when editing it. When I create a new design and start building, I’m stuck looking at “Unamed Design” during the whole process. Actually, I’m not even sure how to rename a design file now, the file is opened when I click the name instead of letting med edit the name?

It should be a simple tap on the name label (both in edit view & document view) to edit it IMO.

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Hi @swebal !

Are you running the latest version (4.1.3)? Because it works as you described, on the Designs screen, you can click on the name to change it, or use secondary click, and rename option from the menu which opens.


Yup, running 4.1.3, nothing happens with primary or secondary click. :frowning: No menu, nothing.

Funny thing is, I have previously renamed a design file, but I remember it as a bit “unstable”.

You have to go to the Designs tab in the top middle of the Dashboard.

We will allow name change in Discover in the future though

Also, an untitled design is named “Unnamed Design” in the edit window, but displayed as “Design” in the documents window. I think a more universal standard is just “Untitled”.

Sorry for the multiple posts.

Yep, will be changing that as well :slight_smile: Sorry about this, this current version still has some issues with design “management”

Ok, now I remember the experience. Selecting the text differs from an unnamed design to a name that I have assigned.

Clicking once activates the textfield, but I’m not able to double click inside the textfield to select all text. I cannot option-shift-right-arrow to select text either. Once I start typing, all the text is replaced.

I understand this is the point, to quickly rename a file that has no name, but I think the behavior should be standard, just auto-select the entire text even if the file hasn’t been renamed before.

Untitled 1, 2, 3 etc. would be a better naming convension. Just as long as a textfield always works as expected. I’ve done these sort of “smart features” myself previously, but they are almost always a source of confusion (as now, for me :wink:

Kind regards, Markus

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Also, I think it would be great if I could change the name of my own designs no matter what tab I’m in (Explore, Designs and most importantly in edit mode). Again, sorry for hammering the replies here.