Naming projects…

When a new design is created, your design flow is to get us right into the design mode (which is great) but I’d like a way to either:

  • name the design in the process of opening up the design window (not as ideal)

  • naming the design while ‘in it’. Perhaps top right just have the name of the design that can be tapped and edited. Initially — would be ‘unnamed’ or blank, which is the default state of what we have today. Tap it and name it “wonder-widget XYZ” (or whatever) and its done. Would also allow designers to start from a base design and either rename it or create a duplicate design (through a pop up ask of whether the designer wants to simply rename or create a ‘new’ design). Today, one has to get out of the design and edit or duplicate the name in a clunky design flow.


I would like something simple and within the design UI vs the outer project shell