Excuse me, can sketches be directly exported to DXF format?

I tried to export the sketch DXF format directly, but the result was that the DXF format was blank. Did I do something wrong? Please advise.

DXF.shapr (606.7 KB)
This is the document.

Hey @martinchou,
It worked for me just fine with these settings.
How did you export which resulted in blank dxf?

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Thank you for your reply. I also exported DXF format according to this process. As a result, when I viewed it with the CAD software on ipad, it was blank. I don’t know if the software is incompatible or what I missed.

DXF.zip (379.0 KB)
This is a file exported by process.

The file you sent is not empty, it contains every detail of the original sketch. You can import it into shapr3d or an online viewer to verify the export results.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Since there is no PC at hand now, I want to know whether other CAD software can be opened normally. And my APP on my ipad proved that the result was blank.
The stupidest way I used was to make a solid, then make a 1: 1 drawing, and then export it to DXF format. As a result, the APP can be viewed.
So this result embarrassed me.

Everything you exported is in there. I just opened it in AutoCAD 2023. Here’s a screenshot…

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Thank you very much for your help.

No problem. Good luck with your design…it looks very nice and complicated.