Editable file format import?

I’ve been creating objects in Illustrator and exporting them to dfx. Most of the time I can bring them into Shapr just fine. Occasionally a dxf will not import into Shapr. I believe they are too complex and Shapr just spins and never loads the dfx. I’ve been getting around this by bring the dfx into Blender, extruding it, then saving to stl. Finally bringing that into Shapr. I lose all editing ability as an stl. Is there a file format that I can export from blender that retains the ability to edit the object in Shapr?

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I am trying to find an answer to the same question.

Hello, the original post diverted to two topics, let me clarify them.

Starting with the sketch import, we support the two most common sketch formats in the CAD industry: DXF, and DWG. There are a lot of formats that we could also support, but I cannot tell you any exact details about them. Especially with Illustrator, we have seen many times that it tends to export glitchy DXF sketches. For some reason, sketch control points got tangled during the AI-DXF conversion.
There are some sketch elements that cannot be imported to the modeling space like hatches and text objects, but those trigger a different error message which tells those unsupported elements will be skipped.

STL format is a different story. Shapr3D is a CAD modeling tool while STL is a mesh file with a whole different structural background. If you wish to transfer your data without losing any significant details, please always use CAD file formats like X_T, STEP, or IGES.

edit: can you please tell me what are the features you are using Illustrator for sketching instead of the sketch tools of Shapr3D?

I’m much more confortable using « bezier » in illustrator. I first tried to have a full shapr 3d workflow but in my case I had terrible results.
Typically I scan an actual piece(I’m into foil surfing) and then use the model option in Illustrator to vector draw over the scanned 2 D image. Then I use Shapr3D to 3Dify my design.
In shapr3d equivalent tools I dislike the behaviour and constraints of the driving points.
Belive me, I woul prefer by far have a 100% ipad workflow