Exploded view

I would like to request the add of an exploded view of your assembly in the drawing environment that can isolate all the bodies automatically. As far as i can tell, there is no way to take your model and automatically make the parts explode into a 2d plane. Which is necessary for instructions, BOM’s and measurements. In the drawing environment, i can isolate individual parts and add them to the drawing but that is not helpful in a large piece. It takes too long to select each piece in the 3d environment and add them to your drawing individually. This should be automated.

It could be expanded to account for layout patterns to develop cultists for cnc’s. There are some apps that already do this. Where you can import the size and dimensions of your material and it will recomend ways to fit the parts into the materials and cut them up without wasting material. This would be very useful for woodworkers.

There are other ways to achieve a drawing of all your parts but they are time consuming or less accurate. i can add individual bodies to a drawing but that takes time going back into 3d and selecting the correct body and then view. Or, i can use section view but then i have to section it exactly on the precise lines of my part which seems pointless as that information already exists.

Thank you