Explosion View

I love Shapr3D, I’ve been using it for two years now.

I’ve created many projects and appreciate the addition of visualization. It helps make my designs look good for social media posts etc. I have, up till now, been manually “exploding” my designs for visualization. I would love the added feature with a slider that would allow me to quick explode them for visualization.


I absolutely agree with you! :+1:t3:
As you may have seen, I just posted an update of my current project. All the pictures there are explosion views, too.

A slider would be great in both the construction area and the visualization as well. What would also be great is if you define an initial state and a final state, and then an explosion animation is interpolated. :smiley:

So @Istvan, what do you think about this? :smiley:


That would be really cool to make a fly around animation

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I’m quite surprised it hasn’t yet being implemented.
That said, the R&D has helluva lot in the pipeline.
Guess we’re in for some really nice surprises! :smiley: